Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sea World

We decided to take a day off and visit Sea World while we were in San Diego. It was the first time for Josh as well as Mitch and Lizzy. We had a great time!

Ready for a day of fun!

The first thing we did was go to the Shamu show called “Believe”. It was a flop. :) Okay, so the show wasn’t, but the whales did like to flop into the water! It was a great way to start out the day. We all liked the show, and Mitchell thought it was pretty cool that those whales could do all that stuff.

After the show we walked over to the feeding and interaction pool for the dolphins. They have fish available to purchase to feed to the dolphins, and you can touch them. We didn’t buy any fish, but we got to touch the dolphins anyway. It was one of my favorite parts of Sea World. I have always loved dolphins, so it was awesome to be able to touch one.

Next we stopped at the tide pool. They have a whole bunch of star fish, sea cucumbers, urchins, clams, and snails for people to look at, and even touch. We all got to pick up starfish and feel a sea cucumber. It was so cool!

Then we went through the salt water aquarium building on our way to the skyride. Even Lizzy was fascinated with all the cool fish to look at! We went on the skyride over the bay next. Mitchell decided he liked to look out over the water and at the boats and birds, but he didn’t like to look down because it scared him.

We saw sharks, freshwater fish, penguins, flamingos, polar bears, walruses, and Clydesdale horses.

The dolphin show was pretty cool. Those dolphins can jump really high! They had a family from the audience help them out. They each did something different. The mom acted really freaked out when she was supposed to do her thing with the dolphin, and then later when she was taking a picture of her son, she fell in the water!! She looked like she was panicking and started swimming the wrong way. Pretty soon the dolphin came over to her, and started pushing her around the pool with its nose! It pushed her up onto the place where the trainers were standing, and then they finally informed us that she was really a trainer, not part of the family. They tricked us pretty good!

The coolest one of the shows was the one with the sea lions. They were so interactive! I had no idea sea lions were so cool. They would stand up and look at stuff with the trainers, follow behind them with their noses on the trainer’s backs, shake their heads yes and no, and all kinds of stuff. The mime from that show gave Mitchell a high-five.

It was a pretty great day!


Ry, Tam & Fam said...

love the hair!!

Wilson said...

I love the hair too! Nice cap McEvoy!!

A said...

I love Sea World. I've been there twice and I'm hoping to go again next year sometime.