Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Coolest Restaurants Ever!

The McDonalds in Des Moines, Iowa is hands down the coolest McDonalds ever. We went there because they had a huge play place for kids, which we thought would be good for Mitch. Unfortunately we got there after that was closed, but much to our delight, when we walked in, the first thing we saw was a grand piano! As we were being amazed at that discovery, we realized that it was playing music! So instead of the regular kind of music that McDonalds normally would be playing, we were treated to the music of a grand piano. It was in the room that adjoins the play place so that the parents can actually relax while watching their kids play. Then, as if that weren’t cool enough, as we were walking to the bathroom before we left, we saw a whole wall full of fish tanks! There were some really cool fish, and crabs in there too. Definitely the coolest McDonalds ever.

On Monday we were driving up I-55 through Missouri, and I started seeing billboards for Lamberts CafĂ©, Only Home of the Throwed Rolls. We didn’t think too much of it until Josh was talking to his friend, Sally, who told us that if we were going through there that we really needed to stop and eat there because it is something everyone should do at least once in their lives. So we took her advice and stopped for lunch. Boy was she ever right! Lambert’s ranks right up there with Olive Garden in my book! I was surprised to see a line to get in at two o’clock in the afternoon, but the line moved quickly, and we were soon seated. It was a large dining room, not unlike a cafeteria, and servers were walking around the room calling out things such as, “Black-eyed peas!” or “Fried okra” or “Macaroni and tomatoes”. Then when someone indicated that they would like some, they would scoop some onto their plate. And then there was the guy with the rolls. He would yell out, “Hot rolls!” after which someone would raise their hand, and he would throw the roll to the person! Even from all the way across the room. Then there was the food you actually ordered. It was fabulous, and a huge portion! I got the pot roast, and it was so delicious! The corn and mashed potatoes I had with it were fabulous too. But the hot rolls with the butter and honey were top in my book.

Later that day we were able to go through another town that Josh served in on his mission, Matoon, IL. We got to see Sally, John Wilson and his wife and son, and Sister Cain. I also got to see two more of the apartments he lived in. It was really fun.

Today we dropped our load off in Chicago, and picked up a new one, and now we are headed to Washington, IN.


Wilson said...

Hope to see you guys again soon. If Joshua wants to consider trucking after Mitchell starts school next year maybe a move to Effingham, IL????

Melissa said...

ANY TIME food is thrown that's cool!!! That was forbidden when I was growing up so it sounds SO rebelious. It sounds like you guys are having a good time.

Wilson said...

Oh, The Wilson's - they are way cool!