Thursday, November 20, 2008


Well, for those of you who don't already know, the kids have been making a little stir lately with their cute shirts...

I am 22 weeks along as of today. That is 2 weeks past halfway, for those of you not used to counting pregnancy time in weeks. We have had an ultrasound, and everything points to a very healthy little girl! We are so excited! I haven't been nearly as sick this time as I was with Lizzy, which has been a huge blessing since I have to work right now.

I am still loving my job at Primary Children's, working with the babies. Josh is still enjoying school. He is taking Math, English, Sociology, and Drafting. He is doing really well in all of them, and will most likely get A's in all of them. He really likes his math teacher, and that has made a huge difference. This teacher explains all the concepts really well, and also explains the reasons for doing what you are doing, which is something that has been lacking in all of his previous math classes. Josh is also looking for a job right now that he can do in addition to school to help out our financial situation, and get us ready for when I have the baby. He hasn't had any luck yet, but hopefully he'll find something soon.

Mitch still enjoys going to school to see his friends, but the actual schoolwork the class is doing is so far below his level that he is bored. The only thing he can tell you he has learned in school is about the word "conflicts". That is all he has learned this whole year so far. The teacher sends him home extra books to read for homework (while the rest of the class practices their letters) but then it is just us teaching him. It is very frustrating to us to feel like everything he is learning is coming from us, and we would just pull him out of school and homeschool him, but we want him to be able to interact with the other kids still. We still might be able to get him moved up to first grade, but we'll have to see. At home he is learning how to add and subtract numbers with ones, tens, and hundreds columns. The kids in his class are learning their numbers 1-10. He is a smart boy, and a good helper to me. His sister adores him. Here is a picture of the two of them on Halloween.
Lizzy continues to grow cuter every day. She says new words all the time, and has become quite the conversationalist, especially on the phone. She is slowly working on the potty training. She runs everywhere she goes. Anytime anyone blows their nose, she says bless you. She likes to say hi to people, but anytime they try to talk to her, she stares at them like they are crazy to think she would think of talking to them. So silly. Here is a cute picture of her in her pretty dress.


losacunapataperriando said...

Hey, congrats on the baby! I just found you through Rebecca's blog... Hope all goes well with the pregnancy. Tell Mitchell hello and that we love him. Have a great day!

Martina said...

Congratulations Tania and Josh.
We are happy for you two. The kids have grown so much since our visit in June.
Martina and Bryan

Jessica said...

Congratulations on the coming baby! We're excited for you and your family.
Jessica (& Timothy too!)

Nicole said...

Its nice to hear how your family is doing! They are really cute!
I am sorry about mitchels schooling...I have a couple of friends that have run into that same problem...I just hope I won't have to worry about that because Isaac has done two years of preschool and is ahead of everyone in his class right now. But I guess its good they are developing like they should!
Let me know when you don't work maybe we could get together...bundle up and go to the zoo...Isaac's last day of school is Dec. 11 so we could go any day of the week after that and I can get you and mitchel in for free.
Let me know.