Saturday, February 28, 2009

For your viewing enjoyment.

Hello all, this is Josh again. As Tania has already mentioned I started at Ceramatec a few weeks ago. So far I am enjoying working there. My job works well with both my schooling and Tania's work. At work I mostly run different presses laminating parts together. I would tell you in more detail what I do, but you would be more confused than if I just leave it at that.

Tania is getting ready to pop, and hoping Samantha comes sooner rather than later. She will continue to work until the baby is born. After the baby is born Tania will be able to go to church with us for a few months, that will be a pleasant change for me.

Mitchell started first grade about the time I started work, and seems to be enjoying it. I like it when he comes home and can actually tell us things he has learned while at school. I think we should start sanding his knees with sand paper, because they seem to wear holes in his pants in about two weeks. It's a good thing we buy his pants at shopko, and can take them back.

Elizabeth just turned 2 last week. She continues to be a little angel. She plays with Mitchell's learning toys a lot and can recognize quite a few letters in the alphabet. She seems to be following in his foot steps. I wouldn't be surprised if she is reading by the time she is three or four.

Both of the kids get complimented weekly on how well behaved they are in church. Everyone thinks they are the cutest kids ever. Which makes me kind of proud of them. Everything seems to be going really good for us right now.

A few weeks ago I finished putting together a slide show movie of our adventures on the truck. I figured this blog was started about the truck so a movie about the trucking would fit well here. I hope you enjoy it.

FYI- I tried to make the pictures go along with the words of the songs. I also tried to make the transitions fitting to the pictures and the songs.


Jenny said...

I love the movie everytime I watch it! I Love You All!

Aunt Jenny

Jenny said...

I love the movie. I LOVE YOU ALL!

Aunt Jenny

Ry, Tam and Fam said...

Cute family. Fun to see a few of your many travels.