Friday, October 8, 2010


Mitchell is getting older every day. He started 3rd grade this year. It is nice living close enough to the school that he can ride his bike. I wake him up in the morning and he gets up and ready all by himself. He even makes sure he leaves on time. Here is a picture Tania took before his first day this year.
Mitchell still does really well in school. He never practices his spelling tests at home and rarely gets lower than fourteen out of twelve. He still reads tons and goes through books like they are cake. He has read all of the magic tree house series books that he could find and always looks for more.

This year we signed him up for soccer. He really seemed to enjoy it. When he first got his jersey, shorts, cleats and socks we kept having to tell him he couldn't wear them every day and every where. He would probably still be wearing them if we would have let him. During games he mostly played defense. Sometimes he would play offense and for being his first year playing he did pretty good. One game they stuck him in as goalie. The coach soon found out that the only kid on the team with glasses shouldn't be the goalie. In the picture Mitchell is the blue jersey between the green team.

Here a while back Mitchell lost one of his baby front teeth and when the new one started to grow in we thought it looked weird. We took him to the dentist where we found out he had an extra baby tooth that was blocking his permanent tooth and causing it to grow in sideways. The dentist removed the extra tooth and we hoped that the tooth would straighten out more as it came in. Well, it is still mostly sideways. After talking to a few orthodontists we decided to put a small set of braces on to help his tooth straighten out. He was excited to get them on. Today I got him out of school early and we headed to the office. He was still excited when we got there. He even had them put Halloween color bands on his braces. Later he started saying that they were hurting a little but he has been pretty good about it. He wanted to go back to school and show his friends but I told him he would have to wait till tomorrow. In the picture you can see how crooked his tooth is. It is almost 90 degrees out from straight. They say he will probably have these for eight to ten months. Mitchell can't wait to have a straight tooth.

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