Friday, December 2, 2011

Eventful week

This past week was pretty eventful for us.  We had a delicious Thanksgiving feast on Thursday with a couple of my brothers and their families.  Then Josh had to leave on another run on the truck, so Loren came and spent the night with me.  We had a fun girls night, painting all the girls nails, and then watching Sense and Sensibility. 

Friday I did some Christmas shopping, and packed so we would be ready to leave on Saturday for a quick trip to Idaho for Josh's niece's blessing.  Josh got home from work at about 5 am on Saturday morning, slept for a couple of hours, and then we left for Idaho.  Our kids are excellent travelers, and we can make it all 5 1/2 hours without stopping.  Even Alex can go that long without eating and never complain.

We had a fun weekend with family.  Josh and Mitch even found some time to ride horses!  Here is a video of Mitch riding Josh's horse, Buddy. 
Also while we were there, we discovered that Alex is getting her bottom two front teeth.  On Sunday, Mitch wasn't feeling well.  He had some sort of stomach bug, but we weren't sure if he had a virus or if he ate something bad.  He felt better by the next morning, and we thought all was well.  Monday night we were all packed up, the kids had their coats on and we were saying goodbye when Sami puked all over.  Apparently Mitch had a virus and Sam had it too.  So we ended up staying another night since I didn't want to deal with puke in the car. 

Tuesday we took our time getting ready to leave, making sure no one else was going to get sick, and in the meantime we played a lot at Josh's parents house.  They had been trying to talk us into taking one of their puppies home with us, and we had done a good job resisting, until Tuesday afternoon.  Then one of the puppies seemed to take a liking to me, and pretty soon we were talking about taking her home with us.  After a lot of discussion of the pros and cons, Josh and I decided we'd take her home with us, so we went a bought a pet carrier and we finally got on the road.

By the time we made it to Mountain Home, Josh was feeling really sick, so we switched places and I drove the rest of the way home.

On Wednesday we built a pen for the puppy, and decided to name her Nutmeg.  On Wednesday night we had a huge windstorm that lasted most of Thursday as well.  The wind was strong and bitterly cold.  We felt pretty bad for our poor puppy who had just lost her mother and brothers to cuddle with, and we decided we better get her a warm house.  We took a trip to the pet store and got a house and all the other odds and ends we needed, and now she's much more comfortable.  Here are some pictures with her and the kids, and one with her in her house.

The kids are excited to have a puppy, and we think she's pretty cute!

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