Thursday, July 26, 2007

Our first load!

We arrived in Murray, KY yesterday evening and got the Qualcomm installed on the truck. It is a satelite tracking and information thing. It is how information is exchanged between us and the company about loads. After that was installed all we could do was wait for our first load. The request for it came this morning at about 11 o'clock and we had our first load to leave Murray at 8 pm! Since we had time to spare, we got the truck washed and went to Walmart. Then we went to the pick up location early. They already had our trailer loaded so we left early. Now we are on our way to Indianapolis.

I love listening to the Kentucky drawl. I think it is so interesting how we can all speak the same language and sound so different. I can understand how a child grows up to speak like his parents, but why are accents so regional?

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