Friday, July 27, 2007

Traveling games

We have now successfully unloaded our first load, and now we are on our way to Lafayette, IN to pick up our next load. We will take it to Georgia. Once we get there we will have traveled through 10 different states since we left home. I am having fun keeping track of the states we have been in, as well as the different license plates we see. I have a list of the states, and we are keeping track of the cars and trucks we see. So far we have 26 truck states and 22 car states.

We have also been having a lot of fun playing the "alphabet game" and "I spy". Mitchell isn't always very patient with the alphabet game when we get stuck on a hard letter like "q", but he absolutely loves playing "I spy". He also has a little handheld game player that has mazes and tic tac toe and some other preschool level games that he has been having a lot of fun playing.

It is so fun and exciting to always be going somewhere new. It seems like several times a day we will be driving through a city we have never been. I love seeing new places. I love the cities and the country. It is so green and beautiful in the east. Everywhere you look there are trees and grass. The medians look better than our front yard back home, and we water it every day! You can also see the humidity everywhere you look. It looks foggy outside, and you can see halos around the streetlights at night.

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