Sunday, July 29, 2007

Visiting Cameron

Greetings from Conley Georgia. Today I, Josh, the driver of the family had a slow day and am getting a chance to write the blog for once. If you think anywhere in my ramblings , and proper lack of punctuation that I have been in Georgia to long you are mistaken I have always wrote this way. Well Friday evening we arrived in Hebron Kentucky where Cameron (Tania's brother) lives. There we enjoyed a fabulous dinner with salmon potatoes and cantaloupe. Before dinner I decided to give Lizzy a bath this is what it looked like.

Now that you have stopped laughing and are ready to read again. After dinner I tried to take a shower but ended up taking a bath something about the whole 10% rule. Meaning I needed to be at least 10% smarter than the shower, as you can tell I wasn't. We enjoyed a good nights sleep thanks to a nice comfortable bed, but mostly because elizabeth liked the crib and slept pretty good. In the morning we had breakfast, that is everyone else had breakfast, and I, being the breakfast lover that I am had a piece of toast and some watermelon. Than we loaded up the truck and made our way out of the very narrow roads and corners of the subdivision, and only had to run over one curb. From there we got on the freeway and headed south for Conley GA . Along the way we went through a bunch of towns none of us had ever been through. Such as Lexington KY, Knoxville TN, Atlanta GA, and Conley where we still are today. I dropped the trailer at a lot here and I am still waiting to know what or where to go next.

Going through St. Louis

Everyone in Idaho and Utah has been praying for rain to put out the wild fires. I think they need to specify a little more that it is needed there, because It has been raining a lot here lately. It started thursday and has been on and off since than. Some times bad enough that people pull to the side of the road because they can't see. So the driving, is sometimes interesting.

Mitchell and Elizabeth seem to enjoy things as far as I can tell. Mitchell has a bunch of learning toys and books. He is getting really good at reading Tania works with him a lot, I think by next year when he should start Kindergarten he will be ready to start second grade. Mitchell likes it when I let him do things that I do like starting the truck or releasing and applying the parking brakes. He likes that he has his own bed that is kind of his own space, because he sits some of his toys on the top bunk shelf and always puts them back there. Elizabeth we think is starting to teethe. Occasionally she will start crying and won't settle down very easy and she loves to chew on stuff. She is getting very good at eating. Yesterday we had milkshakes at Arby's, and she learned how to suck it through the straw, she acted like she would have drank the whole thing.

I still think that Tania is crazy for wanting to go on the truck with me for weeks at a time. I'm sure you would all agree. I can't believe we have already been doing this a week. I feel like I am getting the hang of things. It took me a little while to get used to the qualcomm but I am used to it now. I hope things go as good or better for us as they have been. Well we will keep you updated on all the new and exciting places to come.

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