Tuesday, August 28, 2007

On your mark, get set, GO!

We took a load of Fruitopia and other stuff from Coca-Cola in Charlotte, NC to Coca-Cola in Nashville, TN. After we unloaded there we went to Evansville, IN to get a load of stuff from Whirlpool to take to Denver. We thought they would get us a load from there to home, but that was not the case. Instead, we are headed back to St. Louis, MO with a load of rolled aluminum. We talked to Bill though, and he talked to the dispatcher about getting us home, and he said that they would try to get a load from either St. Louis or Murray, KY to Oregon or SLC so we could go home.

We completely lose all track of the days of the week when we are on the truck. We had no idea that it was Sunday until Josh’s dad call us and said they were home from church. Whoops! We still have to drive on Sundays, but we usually go to church, and then don’t buy anything all day. We also listen to Sunday music in the truck all day. Since we missed church, we took turns telling scripture stories, and listened to our cd of Primary music.

When we were leaving Denver, we tried to call my Uncle Dea, but I just had to leave a message. He called me back about an hour later, and I found out that we had been within a few miles of his house. By then we were too far away to get together though, but if we go through there again we will try again.

The last couple of days, Mitchell and I have had a lot of fun doing races. First, we pick out a course. At one place, we started at a crack in the sidewalk, then ran and touched the light post, then ran and touched the fire hydrant, and then ran and touched the light on the bottom of the trailer. Then I would get my stopwatch ready, and tell Mitchell, “On your mark, get set, GO!” He would run the course, with me yelling reminders of where to run next, and I would time him. Then I would take a turn. At the rest stop we slept at last night, he ran another course repeatedly to see if he could improve his time each time. He really loves to run, and everywhere we stop, he asks if we can do more races.

Today we stopped for fuel and lunch, and there was a playground to play on. There was a gorilla statue there too. We tried to tell Mitchell it was his brother, but he reminded us that he was a monkey, not a gorilla. He’s a pretty funny boy. The playground also had a slightly more sophisticated version of tin cans on a string. They have pipe that goes underground with a funnel shaped openings on each end about 4 feet high so that you can talk to each other from the opposite ends of the playground. Mitchell loved talking through those. Josh and Mitchell mooed at each other.

Mitchell just made a card for his dad that said, “Dear Dad I love you Love Mitchell”. It was really cute. It even had a picture of Mitchell and his dad. He is getting pretty good at writing. Even though we were driving down the road, his words were very legible.

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