Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina

Sunday morning we finally got a message saying we had a load from Tennessee to Louisiana, and we had just enough time to go to the first two hours of church in Murray. So we got ready and went to church. There was a small ward in Murray, and they were all just as happy to have us there as the people in Pikeville were. There were even a few people that were from Idaho that lived there. The couple that sat in front of us complimented us on our singing and how good our kids were. After Sunday School, we picked up our trailer and went on our way. We got as far as Jackson, TN before we got a call saying that the load we were going to pick up wasn’t ready, and so we were supposed to stay in Jackson until we got a different load. We were sad because we could have stayed for the rest of church. After sitting there for about four hours we got a new message giving us a load from Eddyville, KY to Logan Township, NJ.

We went through West Virginia and Maryland on our way to New Jersey. The area where West Virginia meets Maryland was very mountainous. It was also very foggy, so we were going up and down hills with 6% grade for 13+ miles, and you could only see a few hundred feet in front of the truck. It wasn’t really very fun. We would prefer to not drive through that area again.

After we delivered that load, we drove to York, PA to get another. We love Pennsylvania! They have fun road games, like “Watch for aggressive drivers” (We saw lots of them) and “Maintain at least 2 dots between vehicles”. This is like connect the dots for vehicles, only you have to connect them at the right speed. Seriously though, we did love Pennsylvania. It was so beautiful, and not as hot as the southern states. The trees and other vegetation were so thick and lush. One thing we noticed was the amount of mushrooms they must have. They had mushroom mulch, registered mushrooms, and just about every store and restaurant advertised mushrooms. There were also a lot of quaint little villages and beautiful farmland. They have to mow the grass around their fields of corn, and it looks so gorgeous. We are very tempted to move there when we are done trucking…

From York we headed south to Greensboro, NC. We went back through Maryland, through Washington DC, and Virginia. We got to see the Washington DC temple all lit up as we drove through. It was so fun to come around the corner and see it there in front of us. We unloaded in Greensboro and we are now on our way to Charlotte, NC to pick up our next load to take to Nashville, TN.

We’ve noticed there is a lack of respect for the speed limit in the East. The flow of traffic is consistently 10-20 miles above the speed limit. I guess the police don’t enforce the speed limit very much.

We have now been through 30 states plus DC, and still loving it!

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