Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sittin' in Murray

Well we made it to Murray KY on time and since it was 9:00 p.m. central time we weren't expecting to get a load til this morning. Just as we suspected we didn't get a load so Tania thought y'all would want to hear from me again. The last couple days haven't been to exciting we went through a bunch of states we have been through before. The most exciting thing we did was stop at a rest stop, and while walking in I noticed a sign that said we were in Grundy county. For those of you who won't get it(which is probably all of you) Grundy county is mentioned in a country music song about a Grundy county auction. Today we have been sitting and waiting a lot at the PTL lot. In front of the truck parking is a big lot for cars, and since there isn't many cars I got Mitchel's bike off the back and he has been riding around quite a bit we mostly have been being spectators from the cab of the truck since it is 100 degrees outside and I mean that seriously not exaggerating. Mitchell made a new friend today he is black, about a foot tall, and is tied to the front of the building by us. Yes he is a dog and his name is JOJO. I was told today that I should be getting a load to Delaware but nothing has showed up yet. The other day while I was sitting in my thinking chair I realized why I am SO poor. It is because I always give people my Two Cents, and the most I ever get back is a penny for my thoughts. Well so far I like being on the truck. Most of the time the kids are good. Occasionally I want to drop them off, but, who doesn't. All in all this over the road stuff is fun. I get to talk to a lot of new people from all over and hear all kinds of accents. Most of the time people probably wonder if I'm wierd or what is wrong with me, because I give a lot of blank stares when they speak. Most of the time it takes my brain a long time to realize they are speaking english, and from there my brain has to figure out what they said. The other day when we unloaded in El Paso for instance the guard at the gate had a very thick spanish accent. It took him and me both about five minutes to figure out I was coming there to get a load. Then another five minutes to get all the information taken care of. I enjoy getting to spend a lot of time with my family and seeing a lot of new places. We will try and keep everyone posted on what we are doing and where. Until next time this is Josh saying take care and we hope to see you soon.

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