Thursday, May 1, 2008

Engineering Project

This is a project that I had to do along with three others from my engineering class. We had to design and build it. All it had to do was climb stairs, which as you can see it did very easily. This semester is now over and I will be taking the summer off. After the presentations were over, the teacher said that whoever wanted to pit their stair climber against the other ones had his blessing, so everyone took them out in the hall to try to have their projects push the other ones. Ours went up against one that probably weighed 200 lbs because it was made out of solid steel, but ours pushed the other one backwards a few inches until the belt popped off the other one. As you can guess, we were very happy that ours defeated the other one.


Eric said...

Hey lady! This is Jen, not Eric :). You really need to update your blog more girl. Sheesh j/k We need to get together soon!

Grant and Christine said...

Hey, I found you! Yes, you need to update your blog! But, that is the coolest thing that I have seen made by some college students (although I don't get to see much of what college students do so that might not be too impressive :)) And my have your kids grown! post some new pictures soon!!!