Sunday, July 20, 2008

Playing at the apartment

Well it has been a while again. This is Josh trying to give an update since Tania always forgets to. The last couple of months the weather has been very good for playing outside. Our apartment complex has a swimming pool that we have been trying to use frequently. Mitchell loves to play in the pool. He still doesn't quite know how to swim on his own, but he is getting there. We bought him diving sticks, and a kick board to keep him entertained. He loves to play with both. The only problem is he doesn't want to share them. Elizabeth is just like Mitchell she loves the water. One day we were going to go swimming, then we couldn't because something came up. Elizabeth started crying when we were taking her bathing suite off of her. Normally she never cries when we take it off. We bought a floating animal for her to sit in so she can play in the water easier. she loves to splash, and even stick her face in the water. We often stay in the pool for several hours, and if Elizabeth is tired she sometimes falls asleep sitting up in her floating animal. I would say our kids take to water like fish.
A few weeks ago I took the kids to play in the sand in the volleyball court. After the kids were done in the sand they decided they would like to play in the rocks. These picture are of them.
The kids seemed to have a lot of fun.
Well I guess I should tell all of you about Tania and I. Tania is still enjoying her job at Primary Children's Medical Center. So much in fact that it is one of the reasons we are still living in Utah. Tania also loves to swim in the pool Just like the kids, and even cries sometimes when it is time to get out. OK so maybe I'm exaggerating a little. I will start school again here in a few weeks for the Fall semester. Hopefully it will go as good as the last semester did. For those of you in Idaho we will be headed up there soon for a visit. We leave after Tania gets off work on the 28Th of July, and will head back on the 7Th of August. Tania still plans on telling more about our trip a couple months ago. So keep waiting maybe she will write soon. Josh

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Grant and Christine said...

Cute pictures! Tania said you would stop and say hello to us so don't forget! You can stop in Boise for a potty break and we'll give you a drink of water, maybe juice if you are lucky :)