Thursday, May 27, 2010

More house work

Well, if you haven't read enough about the house here is some more for you. We have been working hard and got all the major repairs done. We still are working on the lawn but the house looks dramatically different. Don't you think?

Amazing what a new coat of paint will do. The wall inside has also been finished. It is nice to have the projects done.

Behind the picture frame with two pictures there is a door that can be taken out to grease or adjust the track for the pocket gate. These projects have taken quite a bit of my time but I think they were well worth it.

Tania helped quite a bit on most of the projects. Mostly she was just moral support but she still helped a bunch. Most of the time I would have to work on the projects after I put the kids to bed. If I tried to work on them when they were awake they would either try and use all my tools or beat each other up to where I spent all my time tearing them off each other, and yes I mean they are very aggressive children. Even little Sami can hold her own.

Some times I think it would be nice if they were a little more settled, but then I think of how I want them to always stand up for themselves and for what they believe, and I realize that they are exactly how I want them to be. Don't get me wrong they drive me crazy most of the time, but because of how they act some day they will be great at what they do.

Mitchell will be a great lawyer some day. He still works hard at honing his arguing skills daily. I'm sure he drives his teachers crazy because he is so far ahead of the group. The other day he took some reading test at school and found out on average he reads 150 words per minute. We went to the library on Monday and he got four books that are over a hundred pages each and I believe he finished them all already. He still enjoys math and science as well. He will be finished with second grade here in the next few weeks. I can hardly believe he is getting so big.

Elizabeth has turned in to quite the little dancer. She enjoys playing songs or music and dancing. She insists that she can only dance if she is wearing a dress or skirt. If she is wearing shorts or pants she will change so she can dance. So needless to say we need to buy more skirts. She can sit and watch princess movies all day long.

Sami is our little climber. She is 14 months old now but still is too chicken to walk. She can stand and could probably walk if she would just try. Even though she won't walk she climbs on to everything. She will climb onto a speaker next to the couch then lift her leg up like she is getting on a horse and climb over the arm of the couch. She uses this same method to climb on everything. She loves most of all to climb and get the remotes, and then she will bring them to me as if to say "try again, I could still get it."

I have finished another semester of school and am currently looking for employment. Mostly right now I spend a lot of time working on the house and the rest watching the kids. I still get to spend some time with Tania so that is nice.

Tania is still a wonderful wife and mother, not to mention a wonderful nurse who still works hard so we can have such a nice house and I can afford to go to school. All in all our family is doing pretty good. We are just hoping the snow will stop before it's time for winter again.

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