Thursday, September 16, 2010

Summer fun

This summer went pretty fast for us. We were plenty busy and the weather usually cooperated well for us.

Earlier this year we decided to buy a year pass to the Hogle Zoo here in Salt Lake City. I has been good. So far I think we have been able to visit at least four or five times. The pass is for a calender year so it won't run out for a while still. All the kids seem to enjoy it. Here is a picture of Lizzy with a few animals.

Here is a picture of a giraffe that apparently could taste something on the pole that was really delicious. It kept wrapping it's tongue all the way around the pole. Who knew they could do that with their tongues.

I think the girls really liked the giraffes because it seems I have a bunch of pictures of them. While we were inside the giraffe building we were able to see their trainer working with them. They don't do anything amazing but it is still neat to see them handle them.

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